On a map, you can find towers, mines, abandoned bases, container chests, and piles of resources. You may interact with all of these objects and receive different rewards and bonuses in case of success.

Unfortunately, it happens because the game objects are located at random. If you face this problem, simply ignore the inaccessible object. Please do not try to visit such building (tower, mine, container, etc.) risking your health, life or violating the rights of the owner of private property. Temporary objects will disappear in a few hours or days automatically and will appear elsewhere. We also recommend that you read our Safety Rules on the official website.

There should be fewer game objects in less thickly populated areas. If you are sure that there are too few objects, contact our technical support team and indicate the coordinates of the area. We are constantly working on improving the algorithm of distribution of objects and generation of new ones, and your case will be examined.

You need to pick it up. The container chest includes 5 rewards, these are different items that will help you in the game.

Modules are special items designed to enhance various characteristics of your buildings, units, and hero.

Modules with the same effect stack only on a hero unit. You can put up to 8 modules with the same effect on a hero.